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With moderate skills and some patience, it wouldn't be hard to make this project fit any space. On permanent display: mahogany, solid biscuit joints--and a whole lot of class.

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Two pieces of plywood form each side of the cases. In contrast, the horizontal mahogany apron attached to the front of each shelf overhangs the plywood. The shelves fit into dado joints routed into the case sides. Since the shelves were going to be glued and screwed into the dadoes, they couldn't be adjusted later. So I measured my books before I decided how tall the shelves should be.

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As a rule, a bookcase with shelves between 7 in. While books generally fit on 8- to 9-in. I chose to attach the wooden face frames--stiles, rails, valance and aprons--to the plywood cases with a biscuit joiner so that fasteners wouldn't mar the mahogany. But the quickest, easiest approach would be to use a pneumatic finishing nailer--then fill the nail holes with putty.

Custom Shelving & Bookcases

Start by building a base out of 1x or 2x lumber. Set the base into position and check for level right to left and front to back. Fasten it to the wall studs using 3-in. Also drive angled screws through the inside of the base and into the floor.

Crosscut the case sides to length, making them 2 in. Then, cut all the shelves to length. The shelves should be no longer than 36 in. Before proceeding, finish all the plywood pieces. Clamp two opposing case sides edge-to-edge and mark each dado location with a pencil. Be sure and mark the location of the case tops far enough down on the case sides, so that the tops provide a joining surface for the valance.

How we created an IKEA DIY built in using IKEA kitchen cabinets and shelves

Next, clamp a straightedge guide across the two sides. Slowly push the router along the guide, crossing both plywood pieces.

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If you plan to use biscuits to attach the face pieces, cut the necessary slots with a biscuit joiner [ 2 ]. For the tall sides, space the slots about 12 to 14 in. Cut three slots into shelves that are 18 in. I cut slots for No.

Built In Shelves Part 1 - DIY - Build Custom Shelving

Since the bookcase has no back, you need to install a wood strip, or hanging rail, to screw each case to the wall. Cut the rail from a 1 x 3 or 1 x 4 to fit between the two case sides. Position it directly above the case top, and attach it to the case sides with glue and screws. Set each assembled case on its base [ 4 ] and use a 4-ft. Next, secure the cases by driving 3-in.

10 Ways to DIY Your Own Built In Shelves

Use six strips total: two each at the bottom, center and top of the sides. Attach the neighboring case, if there is one. Get contacted. Made in Canada using quality materials. Professional installation by our expert team. Best-in-class customer service and warranty. Thank You!! Visit Ideas of Order. Quebec Saskatchewan Yukon. Our latest expert advice articles:. Terms of Use Privacy Policy Sitemap. For your complimentary design consultation Please fill out this form and we will contact you within 48 hours to schedule an appointment.