On the Strange Place of Religion in Contemporary Art

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Artwork by Elin Matilda Andersson. A space for staff and students from different Schools, Divisions and walks of life to come together and connect. Did you know that HIV can be undetectable? Can you have safe sex with someone with HIV? Have you heard of PrEP? The festival runs from 27 September - 9 November. Created over the duration of Diversity Fest, oyster beds will be made using organic sugar cane bales, clay, Shoalhaven river mud and the shells of the Baludarri Sydney rock oysters.

This project gives participants the opportunity to engage in activities that promote awareness of Aboriginal well-being and the importance of land based cultural practices. Participants from all backgrounds and all generations are welcome to work with Sarah Jane and engage in knowledge exchange. Arc volunteering program Wellness Warriors is celebrating the different ways we make up our unique identity.

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This pop-up exhibition showcases the nine appointed Ambassadors — all at varying stages of their careers — who are encouraged to share their stories through various Women in Engineering events, programs and channels over the next twelve months. Collins is Filipino-Austrian and moved to Australia at 13 years old. I believe our values are big enough to welcome people from all cultures. I think an attitude of openness and willingness to learn is far more important. Learn that hard-to-pronounce name, give minorities the chance to speak up in meetings or back them if they have a great idea, and do your bit to make sure everyone feels appreciated and that they belong to this great community.

Elizabeth completed her undergraduate degree in Ghana, Africa. Seven years later, with an interest to studying aboard, she started researching Australian universities. She quickly discovered there was an under representation of African students across university websites. I needed to know I would be safe and have a positive experience studying in Australia.

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Elizabeth gained some confidence seeing students of different ethnicities online, even though she could not see herself. Society underestimates the valuable contribution and employability of people with disability. Rebecca was reluctant to disclose her Multiple Sclerosis in previous workplaces. She feared that by disclosing her chronic illness, people would assume she was less capable than her colleagues. She refused to let her physical limitations define her. UNSW is the only workplace where she has openly disclosed her disability.

Initially there were mixed reactions.

While most of her colleagues were supportive, a few had concerns she would struggle to manage the workload. Through the right support and work culture, people with disabilities can wholly contribute, and bring value to their role. I feel lucky to be paving the way for more positive experiences for students and staff including those with disability, and to ensure everyone is seen for who they truly are. Elakkiya was nervous when she decided to uproot her life, leaving India and her husband, to study a Master of Data Science at UNSW with their month old daughter.

Elakkiya was initially anxious by the unfamiliar surroundings and adjusting to Australian culture. Daily tasks such as buying groceries and being the sole carer for baby Deshna were daunting at first.

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I am here because this is what I want to do. I am doing this for me. Despite the fears she once had, she has now settled into her life in Australia. She credits the adjustment to the support of staff and fellow students at UNSW. Friends babysit her daughter during lectures, or when she needs to check up on an experiment. Elakkiya believes the barriers in front of us can be knocked down and is passionate about women recognising their potential to achieve their goals. If I can juggle full-time studies, take care of my daughter and be away from family — anything is possible.

Jake Fing is tired of the question, "How much Aboriginal are you?

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Jake's Caucasian appearance means he is often asked to measure his Aboriginality in fractions, and this upsets him. Jake has Indigenous heritage, was raised with First Nation values and has deep relationships with Aboriginal culture. We can be better humans to each other by being open, accepting and helping others understand our differences. Born to Vietnamese immigrants, Tony knows firsthand the importance of creating a sense of belonging and welcome for people from different cultural backgrounds.

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UNSW Masters student, Tony feels the diverse student community has enriched his learning experience, allowing him to appreciate different perspectives. Tony advocates for empathy, understanding and respect. Tony says inclusivity is about embracing people for who they are and trying to be conscious of how your actions may impact the way someone else feels. His top tip? We all have a unique story to share for anyone who is willing to listen.

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  8. Don't immediately assume someone's religion based on their ethnicity. It's time to start having elevated conversations with each other. Coming to Australia, she realised many Australians had preconceived notions about the Middle East and do not realise the diverse range of people that live there. Hear the stories of politicians, journalists, athletes and executives, with reflection from experts and policy makers, who'll help you master The Art of Inclusion.

    The gender gap in the Australian music industry is slowly narrowing, but men continue to dominate. Triple Js annual investigation of women representation in the music industry reveals all. VTDigger regularly publishes stories about Vermont politics. Jasper Craven covers politics for VTDigger. Elizabeth Hewitt covers the criminal justice system for VTDigger.

    VTDigger publishes daily stories on health care. VTDigger publishes stories about Vermont environmental issues, including water quality, toxic waste, climate change and biodiversity. Our environmental reporter is Mike Polhamus. Our education reporter is Tiffany Pache.

    Moving Forward by Looking Back: Embracing First-Century Practices in Youth Ministry

    We do not edit or rewrite press releases. We allow readers to comment on releases, and we encourage readers to contact the originator of a given release for more information. Election is an odd be aware while utilized in theology. It brings to brain outdated debates approximately what God may possibly or would possibly not have performed sooner than the root of the realm.

    Div This ebook is the root of what the arriving domestic community is all approximately: This ebook includes the tales of many fashionable clergy converts.

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