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Extras include tinting, photochromatic lenses, UV protection and hard coating. Optometrists and dispensers volunteer to participate with the SSS.

Please contact the Spectacle Supply Scheme on or if you are interested in becoming a prescriber. Please contact the Spectacle Supply Scheme. Bundaberg region applicants can access a dispensing centre to apply for their spectacles on the following Thursdays between 10am and 3. Please take a prescription obtained from any optometrist to apply for spectacles.

Find a list of spectacles, lenses and frames approved by the Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme. Skip links and keyboard navigation Skip to content Skip to site navigation Skip to footer Use tab and cursor keys to move around the page more information. Health alerts:.

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Site header. Contact us Help. Spectacle supply scheme The Spectacle Supply Scheme SSS provides eligible Queensland residents with a pair of basic prescription spectacles, once every two years. At this stage, unit tests have not been written for all parts of the codebase. However, new code should be tested, and unit tests for the existing code will be added in the future. Run npm test on the repository to start the automated tests.

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Spectacle supply scheme

Some parts of testing can be configured using environment variables. Include environment variables before calling npm test. Highly configurable : Easily configurable Handlebars templates and SCSS styles so you can add your own design and flavour without going bald.

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Remote file references : Support for swagger specs split across multiple files. Live preview developer mode : Development mode that starts a local HTTP server with a file watcher and live reload so you can preview live changes in your browser as you update your spec.

Usage Simply install Spectacle from npm like so: bash npm install -g spectacle-docs Next pass your swagger. Docker Docker images are included that allow Spectacle to be run from the inside. Custom Builds The best option for building your own custom functionality into Spectacle is to fork Spectacle on GitHub , and make your own modifications in source.

No more out-of-date documentation : Your documentation will always be up-to-date with your API spec.

Be a better developer : Your entire API system will be more stable and robust when built around your spec as a single source of truth.